FS19 – Strommast250 V1.0.1

An Object from the original map, all files included. No reference to the map. This object can be installed on a map, with the Giants Editor 8.

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FS19 – Bigger Bags V1.1

Bigger bags 4000lt no icons just threw together for now.1. 4k Wheat Bigbag2. 4k Solid Fertilizer Bigbag3. 4k Oat Bigbag4. 4k Lime Bigbag5. 4k Pig Food Bigbag6. 4k Seed Bigbag7. 4k Fertilizer Tank8. 4k Herbicide…

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FS19 – Grune 3 Tor Fahrzeug Halle V1

This hall is suitable for placing on your maps– Self built as well as Textured– Ls19 standard functions (with the mouse buttons are open the gates)– Machines no bigger than the 8r fit in there–…

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FS19 – Extended Barn V1

This is the game barn with more inputs: hay, grass, straw, silage, wood chips.Capacity 500,000LCost € 100,000Have fun !

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FS19 – Placeable Halls Pack V1

Modell: BD_ModdingScript: GiantsIdee / Konzept: BD_ModdingTester: BD_Modding

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FS19 – Large Multi-Silo V1.2

Hello dear LS 19 friends! Version 1.2* Added silage as a new fruit. Here is the Large Multi-Silo as a placeable mod for all fruits currently available for the LS 19.Capacity per fruit: 500,000Price: 180,000…

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