FS19 – 1974 Allis Chalmers 608 Pack V1.5

FS19 - 1974 Allis Chalmers 608 Pack V1.5
This mod is of a 1974 Allis Chalmers 608. This is the second release of this Mod.

Trailer Hitch
Spuradic movement at some speeds
Mower deck couldn\’t be repaired
Mower must be lowered to operate
New features

10, 15, 20 or 25KM motor configurations
2 Wheel Drive on first and second wheel configurations
4 Wheel Drive on the third wheel configuration
3 Mowers To Purchase – Left Windrow – Rear Windorow to use with grass catcher – NO WINDROW (as requested)
Utility Trailer – Purchase in Trailers
Roto-Tiller – Purchase in Subsoilers
Grass Catcher – Purchase in Loading Wagons
Loader – Purchase loader and bucket in Front Loaders
Mower lowers speed of tractor now, has wheels and moves to contour of land
Known issues

some warnings in log
grass catcher loading volume is square
Future release possibilities

fertilizer spreader

Authors: Tim Markiw
Giants Loader Was Used  
Download FS19 – 1974 Allis Chalmers 608 Pack V1.5 -
Download FS19 – 1974 Allis Chalmers 608 Pack V1.5 -

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  1. very cool! can you guys make mods for us like this and some of the pc mods. we all want the mower mods and the mods that pc has.

    thanks, Mason W.

  2. I love this mod and would really love the Blade, plow, seeder and fert spreader mentioned at the bottom of the description

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