FS19 – A Little Corner Of Burgundy V1.0

Farming Simulator 19 A Little Corner of Burgundy V1.0 mod download.

Here is my first card. It is inspired by a real village in Burgundy.

It contains:
– 28 fields
– 19 meadows
– 63 purchasable zones
– 1 bga and a grain storage silo on the cow farm
– 3 farms: cows, chickens, pigs / sheep
– dense forests
– virgin purchasable land for construction
– points of sale: 1 wood, 2 cereals, 1 beets and potatoes and 1 for the rest
– 1 gas station at the cow farm (steel tank near the slurry pit)
– 1 pond / pond for water near the bga
– 1 dealer

I advise you not to go too fast on the paths, they are damaged (around 20 km / h).
It is a rather PR-oriented card and is more suitable for small and medium equipment.
Many equipment storage spaces are present and the barn is fully animated (light, doors, net).
I wish you lots of fun on this card. Enjoy!

A V2 will arrive soon for more details, especially in terms of paths and foliages and it will become compatible with the season mod, so don’t hesitate to suggest improvements!

Authors: Les MODS de l'abo AGMODDING 
Download FS19 – A Little Corner Of Burgundy V1.0 -

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