FS19 – Alssach Map V2.4

FS19 - Alssach Map V2.4
Version 2.4:
. Objects that were in the air set on the ground of facts (Wartburg am Schloss, tree near field 44)
. Clip distances adjusted, collisions adjusted (silage tarpaulin BGA Neu Alsen)
. removed: Lambo at the dairy (texture defects), sound sweeper, water smoke field22,
. ATMs: Tankofix (field 46), Spar in Neu Alsen, Konsum in Alssach, BDe in Barde, block of flats across from the brewery in Unter Alsen, in barns on the farm (at the heating plant)
. Mirror at the mini petrol station (near field 20) set higher
. Tankofix petrol station (field 46) Decorate the building
. Information signs installed at the port
. Gas station built in at the port (if you want to continue using your saved game you have to exchange the items.xml in the saved game)

Authors: Papaherz  
File :1.1 GB / ZIP 
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