FS19 – Altkirch Im Elsass Map V1

FS19 - Altkirch Im Elsass Map V1
It is a 4-fold map.
The map is of course Seasons Ready and Maiz Plus ready
Of course there are also quite a few productions (around 60 pieces) and now also several courtyards.
The productions are all run by Global Company
Furthermore, radars are built in which also cost a lot of money in multiplayer if you are flashed.
All vehicles that are needed for the transport of raw materials are integrated.
The sales triggers are animated with times (you cannot sell around them)

Main courtyard: 1 cowshed, 1 pigsty, 1 sheeppen and 1 henhouse
Rinderhof: 2 cow stalls
Sheep farm: 1 sheepfold
Pig yard: 3 pig stalls

2 sawmills
3 BGAs
Pallet production
Water treatment
Coal mine
power plant

There are 32 types of fruit installed (maximum what Giants gives)

Required mods:

Authors: Martin/cro GMCW , DeQX[LSMC] , Ifko[nator]© , Blacky_BPG , Susi_25 , NilBrain , [F/A] The-Alien-Paul , tn47 , [TWD]Rick Black Labele , Farmer Andy, skydiver2103/Rene 
File :932.4 MB / ZIP 
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