FS19 – Atc Container Transportation Pack V2.1.1

FS19 - Atc Container Transportation Pack V2.1.1
V1.0.0.0, 02.01.2019, new mod
V1.1.0.0, 06.01.2019, added TGS20Multi
V1.2.0.0, January 26, 2019, added SemiTractors for containers
V1.3.0.0, February 16, 2019, major update to support multiple containers on one Truck or Trailer
V1.4.0.0, 02.03.2019, new loading options for TGN40 multi
V2.0.0.0, 03.04.2019, added TGS10, TGS30Multi, TSDH10, TSDH30Multi, TGD30Multi
V2.0.0.1, 08/23/2019, GC update
V2.1.0.0, 10/12/2019, major rework
V2.1.0.1, 26.10.2019, Sparewheels on TGS20 and TGS30 fixed
V2.1.1.0, 16.12.2019, Dualwheel positioning on TGD and TSDH fixed

This version of the pack includes the following features:

New Hits:


Bug Fixes:
thanks to meerstonk for reporting

Fixed dualwheel positioning
The rear right wheel was missing from TraktorWheels with lettering
UFSS color choice fixed

Little Things:
Center of gravity of the trucks reduced for better cornering

Authors: concept, Alfredix
modelling, Alfredix
testing, Alfredix, Sprinter, meerstonk, opa Andre, ralfroehn, Legolas2905, Agarwen
AR Frame, GTX
scripts, LSMC (GC), ifko (Addconfig.lua)  
File :85.2 MB / ZIP 
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