FS19 – Autodrive V1.1.0.4

FS19 - Autodrive V1.1.0.4
If you want to support my development effort, the best way is to open issues on any bugs you encounter or for features you would like to be added to the mod.

Wer die Weiterentwicklung des Mods unterstützen möchte, kann dies am Besten durch fleißiges Erstellen von Issues zu gefundenen Bugs und/oder gewünschten Erweiterungen zum Mod tun.

Changed in
Added Italian translation

Changed in
Fixed bug with loading / unloading trailers

Changed in
Silo unloading into bunker included

This mod allows to record a network of routes,
to then take a vehicle from any point to specially defined destinations,

such as driving your own farm, field 1 or to any point of sale.

Authors: Balu  
File :1.3 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Autodrive V1.1.0.4 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Autodrive V1.1.0.4 - modsbase.com

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