FS19 – Avon Map V1.4

FS19 - Avon Map V1.4
AVON is a small town in Indiana, all lands purchasable, rolling hills, very open and will allow you to place your buildings, create and design the map the way you want to play it.

You can purchase seeds, fertilizer, manure, and slurry at farm center and also sell your manure or slurry and straw by products.

Update:version 1.4
Added Precision Farming
Updated BGA location
Fixed wool trigger

Update:version 1.3
Fixed some floating buildings on se corner
Added a hay and straw pellet sell point at hay sale area.
Made bigger fields, all land is buyable
moved sale points east

Update:version 1.2
1. Fixed floating tree on sw side by gas station

Update:version 1.1
1. Fixed paint-able grass and other textures to in game editing mode.

Update:version 1.0
1. Repaired tip collisions in a few areas.
2. Added 4 more fields on grass areas for easier management
3. Spawned equipment at main farm. Overflow will still spawn in at dealership.
4. Reset equipment at main farm provided their is room available, or it will overflow to dealership.

There is multi-play farms also.
Most items and sale points are from the original map but i added a dairy two cranes and sugar mill.
Lands are purchasable.

File :484.9 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Avon Map V1.4 -

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