FS19 – Bale Knife V1.0.0.1

FS19 - Bale Knife V1.0.0.1
The Bale Knife is a handy tool for handling bales. Fits fz30-fz60 tractor front loaders!
Very easy to handle bales.
The bale knife does not grip the bale like previous bale spikes.
The bales are easily removed from the knife.
Making stacking really easy.
Price 850
Working width: 2.5m.
fz30-fz60 stoll front loaders
Multicolor Change 60
Frontloader implament tool
Multicolor selection.

Authors: Model:FSClub_FIN Modding
Texture: FSClub_FIN Modding
Script: Giants
Idea / Concept: FSClub_FIN Modding
Testing: FSClub_FIN Modding and FSClub_FIN community  
Download FS19 – Bale Knife V1.0.0.1 -

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