FS19 – Bantikow Map V1.1

FS19 - Bantikow Map V1.1
It’s time to write the next chapter of the history on this map. Map is converted and modernized from FS15 to FS19. Start your career and discover the numerous challenges that awaits you! Breathe new life in this region!

The map includes:
– 1 large farm,
– 22 fields and 3 meadows,
– Animals: Cows, Pigs, Sheeps, Chickens,
– New crops: Rye, Triticale,
– Shop with workshop,
– 7 sell points,
– Biogas Plant,
– Sawmill,
– Free water in rivers.
You will see more after download the map!

Changelog 1.1:
– Added Precision Farming support,
– Added Seasons Mask,
– Fixed spawn placeables models (Animals, FarmSilo and BunkerSilos) on Farm-Manager, Start from scratch and Multiplayer game modes,
– Fixed FPS drops on fields,
– Fixed terrain modernization,
– Added manure, slurry, seeds and fertilizer purchase point,
– Added sugarbeet to sell points,
– Added sounds,
– Added new BunkerSilos,
– Added collisions in the buildings,
– Added new potato and sugarbeet silo,
– Increased capacity of silos from 100 000 to 1 000 000,
– Changed traffic speed from 30 km/h to 40km/h,
– Fixed visual bugs.

Authors: Puma 145, TLS-Modding  
File :278.2 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Bantikow Map V1.1 -

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