FS19 – Belarus 2Wd Pack V4

FS19 - Belarus 2Wd Pack V4
Changes 4.0:
Changed the\” color selection \” The
driver\’s hands are straightened
Highlighted the dashboard

– MTZ-80 with a small cabin;
– MTZ-80 turbo with small cab;
– MTZ-80 with a large cabin;
– MTZ-80 turbo with large cab;
– MTZ-100 with a small cabin;
– MTZ-100 with a large cabin.

– Price: 1 500 €;
– Color configuration;
– Wheel configuration;
– Mounting configuration;
– Configuration of exhaust pipes;
– Configuration of the hood;
– Configuration of mounting the front loader;
– Dynamic hoses;
– Animated instruments, pedals, fan;
– Working lighting equipment;
– Working mirrors;
– Leave footprints;
– Get dirty and clean;
– Complete equipment for the front loader.

Authors: DERZ86  
File :130.9 MB / ZIP 
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