FS19 – Bjornholm 2K20 Map V1.1

FS19 - Bjornholm 2K20 Map V1.1
Welcome back to Bjornholm!
Since you left the region to move to Goldcrest Valley, it happend a lot in this picturesque Scandinavian landscape.
The farm and the agricultural structure partially deteriorated. Can you manage to breathe life into the region again and to provide the residents with goods?

Changelog 1.1:
– full seasons compatibility
– console release
– manure system ready

– “SeasonsMask” added
– snow roofs
– raised descVersion to 51
– road texture slightly improved
– rebuilt cow area
– lanes redrawn
– much new vegetation (bushes, flowers, etc.)
– added concrete borders to many areas
– rebuilt garden center area
– added lime station at the garden center
– port area improved
– renamed “delivery spot” to “Northeast Warehouse”
– improved Northeast Warehouse area
– new mod icon

!! A new savegame has to be started to play this update !!

Authors: Vector Man  
File :149.3 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Bjornholm 2K20 Map V1.1 -

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