FS19 – Bucks County Map

FS19 - Bucks County Map
Bucks County by TNT Modding, edited for ear corn, added dairy barn with gutter cleaner, TMR mixer silo that you input grass or hay (Haylage), chaff or silage (Corn Silage) and maize or ear corn (High Moisture Corn).
Comes with IH 560 corn picker, Kilbros 250 Gravity box, and WIC 90 feed cart for feeding in the barn.
Tested with seasons, all seems to work well, much better than last time!
Only unresolved issue is you need to “Hire Worker” on the picker before its usable. Beyond that it works flawlessly.

Authors: JMF Modding  
File :779.6 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Bucks County Map -

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