FS19 – Bunker Silo Set V1.2

FS19 - Bunker Silo Set V1.2
This set consists of six bunker silos. All of the silos have used look.
Each bunker has a capacity of round about 500.000 litres of chaff. In addition, there are two ramps and two blocks for filling the silos from the rear. All silos and ramps are seasons-ready.

The floor has to be painted yourself, the terrain is being leveled.

Single Bunker Silo (10m x 24m)
Price: 18.000€ / 20.000€
Daily upkeep: 27€ / 30€ per day

Double Bunker Silo (19m x 24m)
Price: 26.000€ / 30.000€
Daily upkeep: 39€ / 45€ per day

Triple Bunker Silo (28m x 24m)
Price: 34.000/ 40.000€
Daily upkeep: 51€ / 60€ per day

Ramp (9m x 25m / 10m x 25m)
Price: 800€ / 1000€
Daily upkeep: 4€ / 5€ per day

Block (9m x 10m / 10m x 10m)
Price: 600€ / 800€
Daily upkeep: 3€ / 4€ per day

The silos use 3 slots on consoles, the ramps 2 or 3.

– added three drive through silos
– added ramps for the silos
– reworked 3D model of the silos
– changed silo texture
– correction of capacity values
-added support for Seasons

Authors: TopAce888  
File :3.8 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Bunker Silo Set V1.2 - modsbase.com

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