FS19 – Burlaki Village Map V1.0.7.5

Farming Simulator 19 Burlaki Village Map V1.0.7.5 mod download.

The map was created on real terrain, but due to the limited size, it was significantly reworked, and also simplified for the sake of performance. – Map size 2048 x 2048; – 50 fields of various sizes; – Standard animals and cultures; – Many points of sale; – Pedestrian and car traffic; – Support for the “Seasons” mod; – For the production to operate, the presence of a “Global Company” is required. Changes v1.0.7.5: – Almost completely redone (over 90%); – The number of fields has been increased to 50; – Fixed critical bugs, for example: a bug with tree planting; – Added alfalfa, ammonia, straw from corn and soybeans; – Added a sand pit; – One reseller of animals is divided into 3; – Replaced all houses, re-textured a lot of objects; – Increased detail, with all the consequences; – Added production (RybHoz, biofuel production, sawmill, bakery, flour production, feed production), the GlobalCompany mod is required to work; – Added an etchant; – Added several stacks (hay, straw, alfalfa hay) and equipment for working with them (drag, forks for transportation), the GlobalCompany mod is required to work; – Borrowed a barrel for transporting fish from the “Dawn” card; – Own soil map; – Various fixes and improvements. Unpack the archive! The archive includes: – Map; – Additional climate for the “Seasons” mod. Known problems: For some reason, biogas is not loaded, you need to buy it yourself.

Authors: M.Artemov 
Download FS19 – Burlaki Village Map V1.0.7.5 -

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