FS19 – Canadian Production Map Ultimate V5.2

FS19 - Canadian Production Map Ultimate V5.2
Flicker’s gone, no need to start a new game.
Thank you for leaving comments, it is a big map. If you have problems be specific when reporting it.
I have spent a few more days fixing problems and got things to work as they should. You must start a new game and trash all previous mods and replace them with the ones included with this map.
This map has no production installed but has plenty of room to do so.
I do not want to deal with mods that stops working with time and render the map unusable. So you have to downloads your own.

To many corrections were made to list them all: storage capacity of all buildings increased, reported problems in comments, all mod included were corrected to work with this map. Keep in mind that if you report problems elsewhere but here at modhub, I will never know about it.

The fields you own are plowed and lime applied, field 3 has also been cultivated and ready for sowing or planting. Tested the field many times without problems, field 3 will bring a minimum of one million in revenu each time.
Planter and seeder has sufficient products, no need to refill while seeding.

Be patient when saving or navigating in menu.. it can take a few second for things to start sometimes, when buttons are pushed. no need to push more than once, just be patient.

Authors: renebqc  
File :663.1 MB / ZIP 
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