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FS19 – Cat 320 El V1.1

FS19 - Cat 320 El V1.1
The 320 excavator and the R6 rototilt is compitable with all attachments created for the Huddig 1260E as well.

320 Excavator
Price: 210.000$
Power: 275 hp
Max Speed: 5.1 km/h
Cab config
Beacon light config
3D track (+track claw option)
Safetybar config
Color options

R6 Rototilt
Price: 17.000$

Hydraulic Grading Bucket
Price: 10.300$

Grading Bucket
Price: 7.900$

Authors: North Modding CompanyEdited by Toten Fs-Team  
File :59.1 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Cat 320 El V1.1 -

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