FS19 – Claas Small Bale Pack V1.0

FS19 - Claas Small Bale Pack V1.0
Claas small bale pack, especially for standard maps or others

General information:
This Claas small bale pack is especially suitable for standard maps or other maps.
Players from Hof ​​Bergmann do not need this pack, as it has already been integrated into the map’s download pack.
Please note that you can only press straw and hay bales with this pack.
Bales of grass were deliberately left out because it makes no sense to press small bales as grass balls.

Class Markant 65 small baler with configurable bale ejection types. (Standard, ball slide and ball thrower)
Claas bale collection trolley with autoload and option to collect bales from the floor
Claas bale trolley, a simple grid trolley for catching the bales from the Markant with a bale thrower Konfig
Placeable bale storage for straw bales
Placeable bale storage for hay bales

Where can I find something in the shop?
The press and the 2 trailers can be found in the shop under ball technology.
The placeable bale storage can be found under Placeable / Bale storage.

Authors: Farmer_Andy  
File :38.6 MB / ZIP 
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