FS19 – Courseplay V6.03.00051

FS19 - Courseplay V6.03.00051
6.03.00051 MP and other small fixes/improvements
Bale collector/wrapper pathfinder improvement
Back up a bit and retry if we can’t find a path to the next bale.
This is helpful in cases were there is an obstacle right in front of
the tractor, like another bale or a tree close to the field edge.
Safety check closes #6969
Collision box fix for #6685 (#7003)
Introduced ignoreCollisionBoxesWhenFolded vehicle config parameter.
To ignore too wide collision boxes for configured vehicles (like the
Rubicon 9000) when unfolded. This means that these vehicles are onlyprotected by the proximity sensor when folded.

Some MP related fixes:
fix (harmless) error on server when joining #6957
In the CombineAIDriver constructor, when opening the combine’s
pipe to find it’s length, make sure setPipeState() does not
send the open/close event to the server.
refactored the PathfinderUtil to not check the turning radius of
every single vehicle only the one we are looking for a path for.
also, check for the AttacherJoints spec before using the rotation
limits to calculate the turning radius, this should avoid any issues
during turn radius calculation.
Re-enable foldables for mode 6 (closes #6912)
Implements with spec_foldable were generally enabled for
Mode 6 before the valid mode setup refactoring, that somehow
got lost, re-enabling it now.

Authors: pvaiko  
File :1.0 MB / ZIP 
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