FS19 – Cows Farm Map V1.1

FS19 - Cows Farm Map V1.1
Fix calf crash!
Added calf straw and duck water!
New Pigs!
Updated PDA
Map borders added!
and more fix.

We are talking about an unrealistic map where I tried to make as much dairy farming and every other animal as possible.

Which can be found:
20 plots of land (there are small and large lands!)
Basic animals and I added calves and ducks!
Basic plants and plus plants that (lucerne, carrot, onion, clover)
Even lighting is available!
Seasons, Maizeplus and ManureSystem are ready!

Authors: Model: FeFe,CarpTeam Texture: FeFe,CarpTeam Script: FeFe,CarpTeam Idea / Concept: FeFe,CarpTeam Testing: FeFe,CarpTeam Other: FeFe,CarpTeam 
File :268.5 MB / ZIP 
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