FS19 – Cultures Et Productions V2.1

FS19 - Cultures Et Productions V2.1
Dezip the folder and put the zip files in your mods folder (maps 669 MB, pack 929 MB and the FS19_GlobalCompany v1.1.0.0)

instalation of production plant running with the FS19_GlobalCompany v1.1.0.0 imperative !!!

now you have 53 factories and building to function and their sales
Productions of: apples, pear, plum, cherry, kirches, wine, perry, cider, plum liquor, planks, pallet, barrel, paper, cardboard, crate, pellets, flour, bread, beers, sugar salt, bread, cream , animal meat clothing, earth fabric, gravel, sand, compost, yoghurt, butter ….. etc … etc

correction pack and map: V2.1
text correction for English and German
ground markings for all plants
modification of the road traffic you can disable it now.
sawmill near the field 3 correction of the pallets which one could not take with the forks of the machines.
remove various collision panel.
adding a collision to the grid of the bullet incinerator.
BGA Grimm point correction, sawmill, Netto, Le_petit_bistro, seed master …
Trigger setting for unloading chips at barrel and box and carton and rack factory.
setting trigger for various factories: counter trigger placement …. etc
reline fields 17 had a bump.
replacement silos pigfood farm with cows.
various correction ….. etc

if you want to keep your old savegame: open with notepad ++ your file items and search: pigFeedMixer replace the position with this one:

position = “- 559.3370 85.3420 -476.8800” rotation = “180.0000 -39.4600 180.0000”
A big thank you to all the modelers for their creation.

Authors: Dragon500  
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