FS19 – Dashboard V3

FS19 - Dashboard V3
What\’s New v3.0
NEW: Added \”change moddesc version\” editor. Changes the version in a mod/map modDesc.xml file. Ability to backup file before change or restore the zip file.
NEW: Added \”View All\” option to Game Notes. Use as reminder for map/mod releases, notes on maps, or notes on anything else you can think of.
NEW: Added insert date or time to Game Notes.
NEW: Added option to Preferences to load Game Notes on program start.
NEW: Added \”Load This Note on Program Start\” to Game Notes. Useful to remind yourself to do something before you launch the game. If you have Preferences set to load Game Notes on program start, it will load Game Notes and display the record you checked off.
NEW: Added ability to clear entry box in Game Notes.
NEW: Added \”View Vehicle Folder\” to in-game mod editor.
FIXED: Fixed errors displayed when installing for the first time.
All-in-One FS19 game enhancement software. Runs on any version of Windows. Play the game YOUR way.

THIS IS NOT A MOD. It is a Windows 32bit application that enhances the gameplay in FS19. Do not put it in your mod folder. It has an installer that will install it to your hard drive.
Scanned by virustotal.com. Report on web site. Runs on any version of Windows.
FREE! Get FS17 Mod Folder Manager to use forever: Easily organize your maps with their mods into individual folders to prevent game crashes and map conflicts. Free updates for life.

Authors: FarmWrangler
HighDesert Software Co.  
File :104.8 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Dashboard V3 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Dashboard V3 - modsbase.com

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