FS19 – Der Norden Map V1

FS19 - Der Norden Map V1
This is my first map. It is based on a flat map. First of all, it would be important to mention that I initially built the map just for myself, but then changed my mind and finally published it.
It mainly serves as an XXL multiplayer project map to chop or ensile grass with friends.

The map consists of a road network with a main road around the map, and a few smaller dirt roads between the meadows.

There is also a BGA with:
– 5 large bunker silos
– A garage with 5 parking spaces
– A small gas station
– And a set of scales at the driveway

Legend has it that the “courtyard” consists of 5 garages with 6 parking spaces each and also a garage.

For the next version I plan to add street signs, delineator posts and fences around the shop, the BGA and the yard.

Authors: VertexDesign, D4rkfr34k 
File :304.3 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Der Norden Map V1 -

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