FS19 – Desalinizadora V1

FS19 - Desalinizadora V1
Hello friends, I present you 5 mods, it is not a pack they are only linked to each other for the production, storage and sale of salt, that is to use the 5 Mods.La salt factory is self-production,you don\’t need salt and salt water to be added to the map, it works on any map. At the moment salt can only be sold, in the future it will have more functions. (Eg: Factory, pallets of Hams,would be added to the factory: pigs,salt and empty pallets,his production would be pallets of hams,but at the moment is under construction) Note: The pure Water that produces the manufactures of Salt may be used for the animals.

Authors: JuandeGamer82  
Download FS19 – Desalinizadora V1 - modsbase.com

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