FS19 – Dolina Kwiatow Map V1.1.1

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FS19 - Dolina Kwiatow Map V1.1.1
Due to the annoying error in some fields regarding \”invisible\” water, I am issuing this update. I removed the water script from the lake in the northeast of the map. The lake is higher than some parts of several fields and this caused throwing out of machines and a message about deep water.

Map contains:
– 1 Small farm for small machines
– 3 fenced places to build your own farm. Fences can be removed by chainsaw
– 101 fields (small, medium, large)
– 115 farmlands
– Contracts on fields with 2 snow contracts in snowy winter
– Multiterrain angle
– Dynamic mud – now only after rain
– 10 selling points
– Own textures (by Nismo)
– Two objects added do shop – chicken coop and pigsty (with permission from author – Danielx321)
– Two small towns
– Polish climate
– Possibility to draw water from the lake on the north-east
– Seasons ready

Authors: Szarpi  
File :536.7 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Dolina Kwiatow Map V1.1.1 - modsbase.com

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