FS19 – Dolina Kwiatow Map V1.1

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FS19 - Dolina Kwiatow Map V1.1

Hello! This is my first map \”Dolina Kwiatów\” (Valley Of Flowers) now in verson 1.1 with few improvements and fixes smaller issues.

Map contains:
– 1 small farm for small machines
– 3 fenced places to build your own farm. Fences can be removed by chainsaw
– 101 fields (small, medium, large)
– 115 farmlands
– Missions on fields
– Multiterrain angle
– Dynamic mud – now only after rain
– 10 selling points
– Own textures (by Nismo)
– Two objects added do shop – chicken coop and pigsty (with permission from author – Danielx321)
– Two small towns
– Polish climate
– Possibility to draw water from the lake on the north-east
– Seasons ready

– Fixed starter machines position on \”New Farmer\” level
– Added chicken coop and pigsty as default on \”New Farmer\” difficuilty on small farm
– Entrance gates and access roads to the finished farm have been expanded
– A sleep trigger has been added to house on small farm (trigger is placeable, can be buyed or sold)
– Fixed levitating trees in the grove next to field 82
– Levitating garbage removed over some fields
– Dynamic mud has been limited to rain only
– Added 2 snow contracts on seasons mod on \”Agbrolok\” selling point and \”FH Gniewko\”
– Some lanes has been narrowed
– Other cosmetic fixes

Thanks for testers: ThePrawy, Michał Gorzym, Kapi, Kafo, ThatReider, Wujek Bohun, Bartass.Thanks guys alot!

Authors: Szarpi  
File :536.7 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Dolina Kwiatow Map V1.1 - modsbase.com

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