FS19 – Dzika Mapa Update V1

FS19 - Dzika Mapa Update V1
I corrected in the map
-defaultItems (On the single player mode we have buildings that are on our farmland to have access to others we have to buy thus farmland. In multiplayer,after creating a new game, we have a choice 3 farms on the menu under ESC (Cows/Chickens, Pigs, Cows). After joinging to the farm we get 500000. We must buy farmland and then we have access to buildings)
-Compatibility with manureSystem mod (you will find it on modhub)
-I improved the texture of the inscription at the purchase of AGRA
-Added grass in the middle of the road where it was not
-Corrected the silage collision on a large cow farm
-I added a possibility of feeding horses nad cows with dry alfalfa.
-I added the option of pouring rye and triticale into silos
-Increased windmills clipDistance
-Lightly improved PDA

The map has
-229 field+meadows
-255 farmlands
-3 farms
-Interesting area
-2 cereal sell point, one eggs sell point, one wool, sawmill, sell point straw and grass
-Animal dealer
-Claas dealer
-Bga where you can sell silage, manure, grass, hay, beets, potatoes, straw, alfalfa, dry alfalfa and liquid manure
-Machines to start game
-Lots of forests
-Additional crops (Rye, triticale and alfalfa. Im not sure but alfalfa probably doesn’t work with season)
-Light in building on the mouse button
-Opened gates on mouse button
-Compatibility with season mod.

Authors: Jankus  
File :341.0 MB / ZIP 
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