FS19 – Enisei 1200M Converted V0.1

FS19 - Enisei 1200M Converted V0.1
Mod Harvester Yenisei 1200M for the game Farming Simulator 2019. Such a device will fit in the business of harvesting grain crops, such as: wheat, barley, seeds, corn, rapeseed.

Hopper capacity: 4500 l of grain;
Lighting engineering is functioning;
Animation of pulleys and parts;
The model gets dirty;
Log without errors!

Combine Yenisei 1200:
– Install cabins (old model, new model);
– Choice of design (stacker, shredder);
– Choice of shields (with shields, without shields);
– Model selection (1200N, 1200-1M);
– Color selection (UDIM);
– Pick up wheels / tires.

Header ZhZE 5:
– Install shields (with shields, without shields);
– Color selection (UDIM);
– Choice of dividers;
– Choice of reel;

Header ZHZE 5 for sunflower:
– Choice of shields (with shields, without shields);
– Choice of additional color (UDIM);
– Selecting the color of the main (UDIM).

PPK 4 header:
– Match colors (UDIM).

– Toning is selected separately;
– Added turquoise color to the palette;
– Choice of disc color only on the second type of wheels;
– I brought in all sorts of little things in the end.

Authors: Chernikoff den2382, convert FS17-MIHANIK -,_Man_  
File :64.6 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Enisei 1200M Converted V0.1 - modsbase.com

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