FS19 – Eurospand Pack V1.3

Farming Simulator 19 Eurospand Pack V1.3 mod download.

Born during the seventies of the last century, the Eurospand brand has always distinguished itself with success for the care taken in building and supplying professional fertilizer spreaders with structural strength, distribution precision, resistance to corrosion and continuous and constant technical innovation. , the basis of one’s thinking. In the mid-90s, following a company change, OMB presented a new commercial line on the market under the name Cavallo, and in 2001, it invented and created Vibro System, the vibrating bottom of the hopper, which has successfully distinguished the entire production of machines with double disc distributor until then realized. At the end of 2012, following a merger by incorporation, OMB becomes the “Agricultural Machinery Division” of the Cavallo Giordano e Vallauri spa group.

Price: 10000 €

Zeus / jolly:
Price: 20000 €
Configurable working width: 18/24/28/36 meters.
Configurable capacity: 1400l / 2000l.
Design configuration.

Price: 20000 €
Configurable working width: 24/36 meters.
Configurable capacity: 1400l / 3000l.
Design configuration.

Changelog 1.1:
Fixed hooking problems.
Correct zeus / jolly model.
New model added: Elettra / Crono.

Changelog 1.2:
Added version of zeus / jolly and Elettra / Crono for sowing (available in the seeder category).
Console release.

Fixed wrong working area in the seeder version.

Official brand on consoles.

Changelog 1.3:
New model added: PXT

Authors: Black eyes modding  
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