FS19 – Fahrsilo 1664 V1

FS19 - Fahrsilo 1664 V1
A simple driving silo with a usable area of 16 x 64 x 4m filling height. The total area is 20 x 64 x 5m.
Friendship dear comrades,
Today I\’ll throw a simple silo around your ears.
The total size is 20 x 64 x 5 m, the usable space for silage maize is 16 x 64 x 4 m.
Have fun ensiling.

Authors: Albert Wesker  
File :249 KB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Fahrsilo 1664 V1 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – Fahrsilo 1664 V1 - modsbase.com

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