FS19 – Falkental Map V1.0.0.1

FS19 - Falkental Map V1.0.0.1
Welcome to Falkental! Somewhere between Erlengrat and Felsbrunn you can find a picturesque landscape with hills and valleys and an enormous agricultural chance that wants to be taken by you.

– traffic spline near field 45 corrected
– positions of the parked cars adjusted
– added paintable grass

– Seasons support
– Manure System support
– Precision Farming Support

– 68 fields
– Large pre-placed farm
– Large forest
– Multiple new buildings
– Train system with overhead lines
– Building ground for a second farm
– Large ranch with new open horse pastures
– 2 railroad silos to overload between train and vehicles
– working lighthouse
– flowing water
– New NPCs
– Tansport missions

– The lighthouse is based on the placeable type \”windTurbine\”. Using seasons can cause small problems because the rotation speed of the light depends on the wind speed.

Authors:  Vector Man  
File :178.5 MB / ZIP 
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