FS19 – Fendt 250 Gt V1

FS19 - Fendt 250 Gt V1
The F 250 GT was a real game changer in tractor production and deisgn. Thanks to the underfloor engine of MWM, the main engine was not blocking the driver\’s view anymore.
With this new setup, drivers had a better view on the primary axle and the attached tool implements.
On top of that, the equipment used was assimilated to the already established S-Series which enabled lots of new possibilities.
Sadly, Fendt\’s GTA series is not in production anymore nowadays.

Fendt 250 Gt
Price: 14500 $
HP: 45-48 HP
Max Speed: 32 km/h
-three platform variants, 2500 liters, 3500 liters and one simple transport platform

-Cultivator 2m working width Price: 1500 $
-Cultivator 3m working width Price: 2500 $
-Plow 2m working width Price: 3200 $
-Seeder 2m working width and 500 liters tank Price: 2750 $
-Planter 3m working width and 560 liter tank Price: 4500 $
-Stoll Super Frontloader Price: 3000 $

These tools have to be placed beneath the GT by hand to be attached properly (except the seeder).
There is also some space for the additional Baas72n33 auto-latch. Be careful when operating the open swivel axle! Supports simple IC.

Authors: Polofreak211, Puma, Bremi456, PeterAH  
File :37.9 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Fendt 250 Gt V1 -
Download FS19 – Fendt 250 Gt V1 -

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