FS19 – Fsm The Beast V2.1

FS19 - Fsm The Beast V2.1
Version 2.1:
The saw table (chain trailer) has now been added.
The partial chopping of the trees finally works, i.e. the trees do not disappear completely at once.
The filling volume of the beast has been increased to 50m³ or 50000L.

The transfer speed has also been increased, from 500l / min to 5000l / min.

The animations could be improved a bit (hydraulic cylinders are now registered as movingParts).
The tire collisions have finally been adjusted.

The price of this hell machine is € 180,000
Inside is a 1100PS Fendt unit that drives the 8 tree-eating rollers.

The handling is child’s play to get in, extend the support feet, start the engine and switch on the rollers. The clearing of the forest can already begin.
The new and improved beast (known from LS17) comes with new worklights which make working at night very comfortable.

The volume of the integrated “buffer storage” is now 10m³, which corresponds to a liter number of 15000L.
However, the beast is very voracious. The engine is basically kept at idling speed, as this would consume 1000L of diesel per hour at full power.

Unfortunately, there is currently only one tire variant available. However, negotiations are already underway with other manufacturers and hopefully we will be able to offer more tire variants in the near future.
Unfortunately we have to inform you that the Iveco that was offered at the time is no longer being manufactured and will probably not be available in the future either.

Version 1.2:
original FSM LS17 beast

Version 1.3:
LS19 conversion of the beast for the LS19

Authors: black0hawk  
File :10.2 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Fsm The Beast V2.1 -
Download FS19 – Fsm The Beast V2.1 -

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