FS19 – Hinterkaifeck Map V1

FS19 - Hinterkaifeck Map V1
Further development / new edition of the Hinterkaifeck by Team MW
This is a further development / new edition of the already known Hinterkaifeck V3 from BernieSCS & RichiF.
A few people from our team will continue to provide them with updates and fixes.
To avoid confusion with other offshoots of the map in circulation, this map version was given a new name for the ZIP file.
It is therefore imperative to delete an earlier version of the map from the mod folder before inserting it.
We wish you a lot of fun with this great map

– Fixed slurry trigger at the OGF farm with the pigs
– Decogras texture no longer black
– Fixed stable water tarpaulin and tarpaulin feed trough
– Wood chips sale only there once
– Straw in rapeseed and soy
– new stubble texture in the event of fruit destruction, stubble is driven flat;)
– 62 high types and 32 floor brackets installed. Many thanks to The-Alien-Paul for the support
– Colorful icons installed
– Possibility of chopping straw added
– Fixed manure tarpaulin at the OGF farm near the cows
– Description of stables assigned to the farms, OGF yard etc
– Manure pants system added to manure pits in the stables
– Manure pants system inserted at BGA
– fix the straw tarpaulin at the \”Kuhfarm old\”
– Season fix of the latitudeSeason.xml from Chaosfamily. He had uploaded the necessary file to the forum. I hope that\’s okay.
– Provided more space for mission vehicles
– Various minor adjustments

Authors: By Team Mw 
File :766.2 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Hinterkaifeck Map V1 -

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