FS19 – Holaras Pack Oy Mp V19.11

FS19 - Holaras Pack Oy Mp V19.11
Version 19.11 (mp)
Englischen Text zugefügt / english text added

The Holaras Pack OY version 19.11 contains all Holaras tools with the following additional functions:
English text added / english text added
10t / 20t / 30t weights / weights
Visibility / view distance fixed
Longer repair interval / wear duration increased
Color choice / color choice
Shop category ‘onkelyogi’ added / category ‘onkelyogi’ added

Included in the Holaras Pack OY are:
Slide plates MES400 and MES500
Silo roller Stego 485 with 10t, 20t and 30t weight

Authors: onkelyogi  
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