FS19 – Hot Animals V1.0.3

FS19 - Hot Animals V1.0.3
Atching our farm pack here now stables and pastures
v1.1: Animal Pen Extension READY
v1.2: Seasons Ready (snow mask adjusted), bug fixed at the stables
So here now matching the HoF Pack a few stables and pastures, and Mistabladeplätze.
v1.2.2: Fixed small bugs
Stable Problem with the manure – fixed
Horse tarp turned

The package consists of the following objects:
1 cowshed big
1 cowshed small
1 large cow pasture
1 small cow pasture
1 pigsty with manure and manure
1 pigsty only with manure
1 chicken coop
1 horse stable
1 sheepfold
2 dung dumps

The stables where manure is produced must be self-purged.
To remove manure, the cabinet must be opened.
Have fun with it

Authors: HoT online Team  
Download FS19 – Hot Animals V1.0.3 - www.modsup.com

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