FS19 – Hydraulische Palettengabel V0.0.1

FS19 - Hydraulische Palettengabel V0.0.1
The standard pallet fork from the LS19 with convenient hydraulic adjustment.

Hello together! I have made a mod for you again. I have to say in advance that the mod is not finished at all. Therefore also as V 0.0.1! I currently have no time or desire to mod, but I wanted to share the mod with you because the \”main functions\” are available. The project is not put on hold either, it just takes some time.

The following updates should follow:
– Dirt and wear
– Configurable fork extensions
– MouseControl – control for 3-point recording
– General revisions
-> To the actual description:

This mod contains the modified Stoll pallet fork, which can be adjusted hydraulically.
– Price: € 1250
– Weight: 220 kg
– Configurations: stickers, colors
– Different recording options
– Year of construction: 2020
– 2 double-acting hydraulic connections necessary.
– Maximum hydraulic oil pressure: 190 bar.
– Maximum load on the forks: 2.5 tons.

Sincerely yours
[OB.M] Thomas
PS: Of course I am open to suggestions for improvement and criticism

Authors: [OB.M]Thomas  
File :1.9 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Hydraulische Palettengabel V0.0.1 -
Download FS19 – Hydraulische Palettengabel V0.0.1 -

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