FS19 – Ifa W50 Towtruck V1

FS19 - Ifa W50 Towtruck V1
So first i would like to say this is not my mod and i take no credit for making the mod. But i do take credit for reviving this old truck and bringing it back to life to be useable for yet another farming simulator game and also spending 50+ hours on fixing it. I do not have credit to the original maker as im not 0 sure who it was as from what ive found this is from farming simulator 2008 and i dont want wrong names on it. Also they more than likely dont speak english. In saying that enjoy this mod and have fun. I would like to thank tim markiw for helping teach me and being there to support me when i felt like giving up. Find his mods at.

Would also like to thank anyone else who helped. Shaun dodds for doing the lights for me. Thanks ron huth for the front release photo. Thank you tim markiw for the store image. And everyone else who entered the photo competition. Truck is tested and 0 error free. This truck also has a winch now. works the same as any other winch and works with nick exleys hook.

Authors: Nathan(NinjaMan), Tim Markiw  
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