FS19 – Islands Of Denmark, Femo V1.0.3.5

FS19 - Islands Of Denmark, Femo V1.0.3.5
Welcome to the romantic farming island of Femø. In this Farming Simulator 19 Mod Map you will be faced with logistic, managerial, planning and budget challenges as you forge the land into your farming Empire.

This map features:
Ample space for field creation and building placement. (4x)
27 Activated fields for contract work.
So many beautiful views.
5 sell points.
1 Centralized public storage.
1 animal husbandry.
2 wood sell points.
1 fuel station .
Store area, Vehicle Repair and customization area.
1 User Farm featuring.
Farm House.
Several hay lofts.
Several Sheds in multiple locations.
Silage Bunker.
Cow Pasture with cows.
Sheep Pasture with sheep.
Pig Pen with bacon seeds.
Chicken Coupes with chickens.
Several Silos.
Season masked.

Required mods: none.

Contributors: Shib Gaming, Travis, Lepaul, LittleFeets, Big Poppa T-Mo Gaming, and Facebook Gaming. This map is loosely based on, and inspired by the Real island of Femø.

Changelog v1.0.3.5
This update requires new save game.
Cleaned up mod zip.
Touched up textures and foliage.
Added more lands.
Re did all fields.
Re did tree lines and forestry.
Re enabled potato, sugarbeet, oilseed radish, sugarcane, and weeds contracts.
Made things prettier in places.

Authors: ShawnDaGeek  
File :156.8 MB / ZIP 
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