FS19 – John Deere 7R Trike Series V1.1

FS19 - John Deere 7R Trike Series V1.1
This tractor has Zero Turn Maneuverability. This increases the turning maneuver enormously.
(Adapted from a real-life modification)

John Deere 7230 R GML Trike
-Price: 240000$
-Hp: 269

John Deere 7250 R GML Trike
-Price: 250500$
-Hp: 290

John Deere 7270 R GML Trike
-Price: 258000$
-Hp: 305

John Deere 7290 R GML Trike
-Price: 271500$
-Hp: 332

John Deere 7310 R GML Trike
-Price: 281500$
-Hp: 352

-Wheel Configuration
-Color Configuration
-Glass Type Configuration
-Hazard Light Configuration
-Front Hydraulic Arms Configuration

ChangeLog 1.1
-Added Michelin Wheel Configuration
-Added Front Hydraulic Arms Configuration
-Fixed Floating Hazard Light Problem
-Hazard Light will turned on with Beacon Lights
-Fixed Connection Hoses Problem

Authors: EY Modding  
File :10.6 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – John Deere 7R Trike Series V1.1 -

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