FS19 – John Deere 9R Series 2021 V1.0

FS19 - John Deere 9R Series 2021 V1.0
Price: 415.890 $
Power: 484HP – 691HP

Your work windows are tight – no matter the time of year. Whether tilling, planting, seeding, applying nutrients or transporting, starting earlier and running later may seem like the only solution. And the larger your operation, the faster those windows close.

The new 9 Series Tractors alleviate timing challenges, offering more power, more ballasting options, and more precision than ever before. No matter your terrain, no matter your conditions, these tractors give you the strength and power you need to pull heavier, wider implements with ease. And with integrated precision ag technology, you can manage your biggest fields in the tightest timeframes to achieve the bottom-line results you’re after.

-Tire configuration
-Weights,RockBox,Blade Attacher configuration
-Engine configuration
-Open door
-PTO, 3 point hitch
-Version settings US,EU,Aussie

Authors: SiiD Modding  
File :21.0 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – John Deere 9R Series 2021 V1.0 -

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