FS19 – John Deere Sts 60-70 Series V2.1

FS19 - John Deere Sts 60-70 Series V2.1
Hi everyone !
As I can not yet give you the fans of John Deere STS 60-70 Series, who have consoles, my modification. Unfortunately, Giants will not skip, I did not recognize the decision, to admit that my modifications are holding

That\’s why I have updates for PC owners – John Deere STS 60-70 series

– All FS19 Standards!
– First combine vehicleType with custom specializations
– Very detalied model
– UDIM Textures
– Realistic wearable and dirt!
– Realistic lights
– Turn ON Animmation on Monitors!
– All realistic Dashboard Animmations!
– Lot of interior Details
– Real Values!
– Greenstar + Starfire3000
– Scripted all moving parts and hydraulic cylinders
– All 70 Series Motor Configurations
– 4 wheels Configurations
– 8 design Configurations
– OVERSIZE Configuration
– Exhaust Configurations with different Motors
– True wheels sizes and Row Crop spacing
– Scripted ladder chains
– HD quality Decals
– Dynamic player Rot

Model: SiiD Modding/Esit/Giants Software
UDIM Textures: SiiD Modding
SPECULARS Maps- SiiD Modding
Normal Maps - SiiD Modding
Programing: JHHG Modding
FillVolumes: BlendArt, ThundR\'s  
Download FS19 – John Deere Sts 60-70 Series V2.1 - www.modsup.com
Download FS19 – John Deere Sts 60-70 Series V2.1 - modsbase.com

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