FS19 – Kandelin Seasons Ready V1

FS19 - Kandelin Seasons Ready V1
– Seasons Adjustments
– no GeoMod required
Light/Weather Adjustment
– Patch 1.4.1 Customizations
– Performance Improvement
– Ground Angle Adjustments
– Script customization on Patch
Clip distances revised
– Terain textures extended
– English, Polish & French overlays added
-some terrain adjustments
– Black-yellow marks renewed (can be turned off in the menu)
-added new icons on the map (can be turned off in the menu)
-Traffic adapted
– Animals adapted (Script removed & complete revision)
– Window lighting on houses revised
– Floor panels on all yards removed
– Decograss can now be removed by landscaping, plowing and placeable objects
– Alfalfa can now be pressed to Bale (no Mod required)
-Alfalfa bales can be sold or Fed
– Beet grits can be fed to the BGA
-new shop category added for the built-in Mods
– Revision of nature (grass, trees, bushes, etc.)
– Decorative objects added and adapted to Seasons

Authors: Schweineluan  
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