FS19 – Kassbohrer Trailer Pack V1.2.0.1

FS19 - Kassbohrer Trailer Pack V1.2.0.1
V1.2.0.1, 24.08.2019, added store categories by GC

the title is a little bit over the top because there is only one trailer in the pack, but there is more.
This is the K.SHG AVMH / 45 – 15/27. An extendable gooseneck chassis for transporting 20 ‘to 45’ containers
from Kässbohrer.

Excerpt from the website of Kässbohrer:
The Kässbohrer Gooseneck container chassis are designed for maximum flexibility in all operations.
Due to the hexagonal gooseneck construction and a larger wall thickness, the load is distributed more evenly at the front, especially during loading, which contributes to the resistance and longer life of the trailer.
The chassis is extendable to transport containers from 20 ‘to 45’. For this, the locking positions for the best adjustment and load distribution can be changed.

Loading with
1×20 ‘ISO container
1×40 ‘ISO container

The individual loading positions can be set by configuration in the shop.
If the trailer is in use, you can reconfigure it, for example with the service trailer of GtX (see also recommended mods)
The trailer can be found in the shop in the Trailer / Miscellaneous category.

Authors: concept, Alfredix
models, Alfredix, GIANTS
testing, Alfredix  
Download FS19 – Kassbohrer Trailer Pack V1.2.0.1 -

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