FS19 – Kirovets K 5 Tractor V1

FS19 - Kirovets K 5 Tractor V1
New General purpose agricultural tractor of the 5th traction class all-wheel drive, articulated frame. Universal farm tractor is most effective for farms with arable land from 500 ha to 2000 ha.

Year of production: 2020
Manufacturer: JSC \”Petersburg tractor plant\”
250 HP, YAMZ-53645
11,000…14,500 kg
Agricultural signage:
category III, load capacity 8100 kg
Automated T5 transmission with COMMANDPOST-2 control system
the front axle is sprung, the rear is rigidly fixed

In this modification there are all types of standard animation devices, doors, curtains, janitor. Choose the color of the body kit and interior. Spark wheels, minimal interactive ( works with the SimpleIC mod ) , GPS is registered, a receiver appears on the roof and a monitor in the cabin),
(works with the default GPS mod). Animated hitch.

Authors: Cheb_mods  
File :57.8 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Kirovets K 5 Tractor V1 -
Download FS19 – Kirovets K 5 Tractor V1 -

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