FS19 – Kolbenfetzer Map V1.0

FS19 - Kolbenfetzer Map V1.0
-Seasons Ready
-MaizePlus Ready (CCM/FE/HE)
-4 farms (2 cow farms + 1 pig farm + 1 sheep farm)
-3 BGA’s (1BGA + 2small 100kw plants on the pig farm and sheep farm)
-27 fields
-7 meadows
-In singleplayer you can choose between 4 farms, but not in “start at 0” mode! It is STRONGLY
RECOMMENDED to start the game in “New Farmer” mode to avoid complications in farm creation (buildings do not exist for example). You can also sell or rebuild the farms as you wish.
-In multiplayer, 4 starting farms are automatically generated in Farm Manager mode. Each farm here has so much money to be able to buy some surrounding land. (Has been set so that after the purchase remains exactly 35,000€ capital!)
-Don’t start the game without Global Company, The BGA or the halls!

Authors: Fire-Modding / derelky / eribus / AGI / The-Alien-Paul / LS-Modcompany / [F/A]Team+Community 
File :329.9 MB / ZIP 
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