FS19 – Lanz Bulldog Hr9 Made 0.9.0

FS19 - Lanz Bulldog Hr9 Made 0.9.0
I’m happy to introduce you to another of my mods.
It is the Lanz Bulldog HR9 series.

Price: 22500, –
Power HR9 – original nominal power 55PS.

A faithful start animation is built into this Lanz. When the engine is started, the glow head is heated by a heating lamp. The start takes place with the steering wheel attached to the side. The starting process is largely automated.

With the help of simpleIC you can insert the steering wheel from the side and, as a small feature, start the Lanz by swinging the steering wheel.

The convertible top can be opened and closed using a simpleIC.

This model has my interpretation of a true-to-the-original turn signal using a turn signal lever. Have fun “turning”.

This is a pure towing vehicle, without rear hydraulics.

-Two tire variants
-Body configurations D2531 and D2539
-Three exhaust variants
-all decals modeled and configurable
-Color choice of rims
-Color choice of body
-Color choice of fenders
-Color choice of roof
-Color choice of radiator elements

Authors: Modersteller : ls_oldtimer Sounds : qwertzuioqwe Oldenfarm, WolfIQ, Mr.Foxx, Mattl26, Michl2, DB601 
Download FS19 – Lanz Bulldog Hr9 Made 0.9.0 -
Download FS19 – Lanz Bulldog Hr9 Made 0.9.0 -

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