FS19 – Les Fermes De Lain Map Beta

FS19 - Les Fermes De Lain Map Beta
Hello everyone, I share with you the map of the farms of the ain which takes over part of where I live

The map is still under development, it is still a beta version but which in my eyes is already playable without too many problems

the map currently includes 3 farms
– A cow with 2 stalls
– a cereal more typical CUMA or ETA
– A market garden with greenhouse + fruit tree

thereafter it should arrive from another farm
– One for the pigs
– One for the Bresse chicken
– another for beef cow

The map includes a 50th of fields, 4 grazing cows (with some bug but functional)
There are several additional cultures such as tobacco, cabbage, salad, …
It is season mod compatible + maize plus and straw addon
The map to function correctly needs the Global company mod

Authors: xenon74
Papa micka
Team LFD  
File :1.4 GB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Les Fermes De Lain Map Beta -

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