FS19 – Liebherr T284 Final

FS19 - Liebherr T284 Final

– A small bug has been fixed.

This modification is not mine, it has only been improved.
– Dust now comes out of the wheels when it is moving.
– Dumper logos are seen in high definition.
– Dumper filling is appropriate.
– Invisible textures have been resolved.
– The design of the Liebherr T 284 dumper has been changed.
– The sound of the dumper has been changeed                    
– Now the dumpers tipper unloads inmediately.
– Now in the instalation of the mods each one is distinguished and also in the store by image.
– The model of this dumper is that of the real Liebherr T284 and not the Caterpillar.

Authors: Winston9587  
Download FS19 – Liebherr T284 Final -
Download FS19 – Liebherr T284 Final -

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