FS19 – Lizard Direkt Futteranlage V1

FS19 - Lizard Direkt Futteranlage V1
With this system you can feed yourself or bought pig feed automatically.
Set up to 4 lead times.
This system can be placed quickly and optically suitable for every pigsty.
In order to be a filled bunker, the cover flap must first be left out from the side.
This system only works with ready-made pig feed.

Technical specifications:
Cost: 135,000
Bunker / silo security: 400,000 l
Feeding rate: 100000 L.
Maintenance costs: 10 € / day
Dimensions: approx. 19 x 7 m
Raw materials: Pig feed (shovel / hanger / big bag)

Required mods:

Authors: Kastor,KevinK98,Giants  
File :9.9 MB / ZIP 
Download FS19 – Lizard Direkt Futteranlage V1 - modsbase.com

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